Choosing us as an agent

When choosing to sell your property, you are investing a huge amount of trust in that person and their agency to provide you with the right care and support to achieve the highest possible price. At Sidarous Realty Pty Ltd, we are committed to achieving this for you so we pay very close attention to each and every detail.

Accurate and realistic valuations

Our local network of professionals in our real estate agency is managed by local property experts who know their local areas inside and out. The local pricing and comparable database for your area is backed up by our dedicated agents and staff who are locals from various areas. This enables us to monitor new trends and to keep ourselves one step ahead of the market. We provide an accurate and realistic property valuation which is backed up by solid facts.

One-stop shop

We like to think of ourselves and our clients as one big family. How can you benefit?

We are not just experts in residential sales, we can also offer advice on the rental potential of your property. If you have a property with development potential, our friendly agents would be happy to take a look.

We will not just sell your property, our mission is to maximise its market value, irrespective of the time and effort involved. In short, we strive on giving you the very best property advice, assist you in maximising the sale of your property and assisting you every step of the way throughout the entire sale process.