Looking at Renting? Sidarous Realty Can Help

At Sidarous Realty Pty Ltd, we are a family owned and operated agency. When you lease with us, we will want to make your journey to finding your rental property as efficient and straight forward as possible. From using our easy online searches and applications, we can guide you through every stage of the rental process.

Renting with Sidarous Realty

At Sidarous Realty we try and make your tenancy as comfortable as possible and will assist you every step of the way, leaving you with more time to enjoy your new home.

If a maintenance issue should ever arise throughout your tenancy, we can assist you with organising repairs with a vast team of maintenance people on call to make the necessary repairs.

Paying rent is made easy! Upon approval of renting a home, your property manager will discuss the easy steps to paying your rent.

Upon signing the residential tenancy agreement, we will conduct the first entry inspection at the property with you in order to ensure that every room is inspected in detail and noted on the entry condition report. That way, should you have any questions we will be able to go through the entire process with you in detail.

Renting Tips

  • Make a good impression at every opportunity;
  • Do not be late for an inspection. If you will be late, call ahead and notify the property manager;
  • Choose a property that suits your needs and wants;
  • Check what is covered in the rent eg: water;
  • Be sure you can afford the property based on your income;
  • Gather written references and give them with your application;
  • Pay rent on time, or earlier;
  • Advise the property managers promptly if there is a problem with the property; and
  • Look after the property as if it was your own.