• 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms

Located in the heart of Thornton within the regional epicenter of Greater Newcastle, Chisolm Gardens estate acts as a new hub for convenience and growth within Greater Newcastle. Chisolm Gardens is situated less than 5 minutes from Stockland shopping centre at Greenhills (one of 9 strategic centres for growth in Greater Newcastle), within 10 minutes of schooling, within 20 minutes of tertiary education and interstate travel, within 25 minutes of wine and festivals, within half an hour of two global transport gateways and the beach and offers plenty of nearby employment opportunities!

Chisolm Gardens in Thornton represents an outstanding opportunity for first homebuyers and investors alike. With property prices in Sydney at an all time high and talks of a property bubble, Sydney’s market is clearly oversaturated, pushing buyers north and west. When population growth outstrips the number of new homes being built, prices are likely to skyrocket. It’s simple supply and demand and Hunter’s numbers are eye watering. In the first decade since housing targets were set, supply has come up over 23,000 homes short. Annual approval over the past decade averaged just 2,270 – against a target of 4,600. Within the next decade, the cumulative shortfall will most likely hit 30,000 homes. In fact, according to NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes, population growth estimates prepared by his department back in 2014 have since been ratcheted an additional 11,700 people to 810,000 by 2036. In other words, this is great news for the regions economy but Hunter’s current housing crisis is not likely to ease any time soon.

Thornton has become a big budget focus with the Maitland Corridor, a key growth area west of cosmopolitan Newcastle. Key infrastruction developments include:
• $377m upgrade to Stockland shopping centre at Greenhills, 4 minutes from Thornton
• $900m airport upgrade
• $160m retirement village development
• $130m retirement village development
• 90 place child care centre, adjacent to the estate
• Adjacent to massive housing estates such as Waterford County, Harvest Estate and Homeworld

Planning Minister Rob Stokes’ new Hunter Regional Plan outlines an ambitious endeavor that aims to shift the Hunter Valley from a regional centre to a metropolitan city. The government says it will turn its attention to “Greater Newcastle”, a continuous urban area crossing local government boundaries that stretches from Newcastle Harbour in the east, Cessnock in the west, Maitland and Raymond Terrace in the north and Morisset in the south.

“The plain aims to create a strong diversified economy with a vibrant metropolitan city at its heart that takes advantage of the region’s global gateways, the Newcastle Airport and the Port of Newcastle,” Mr Stokes said.